Rural Urban Framework
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  John Lin - Rural Urban Framework  
China is changing profoundly: people are moved to the cities in large scale – actually already more than 50% are urban citizens and the percentage should go up significantly until 2030. This has also enormous effects on the rural areas. In order to explore this effect John Lin and Joshua Bolchover found a studio at the University of Hong Kong.
The objective of their work is to engage in the rural-urban transformation of China through built projects, research, exhibitions and writing. They operate as a non-for-profit and collaborate with charities, private donors, Chinese Governmental Bureaus, and other Universities.
One of their projects, the “House for all Seasons” in the Shaanxi province won the prestigious “Wienerberger Bricks Award 2014” in category “residential”. The press conference gave us the chance to talk to John Lin, who suffered a serious jet lag on his way to Vienna. He was born in Taiwan and his family moved to the USA when he was eight. Later he studied architecture at the Cooper Union and came by chance, via Denmark to Hong Kong…

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