Andrea Morgante / David Pasek
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  Andrea Morgante
museo casa enzo ferrari / future systems / shiro studio
We present an interview with Andrea Morgante - he was born in Milano and worked for a long time at future systems with Jan Kaplicky and later on with Ross Lovegrove.
At future systems he was deeply involved in the development of the “museo casa enzo ferrari” and after tragic death of Jan Kaplicky, just a few months before construction in Modena started, Andrea was asked by the clients to take over the responsibility and to finish the project – he did a fantastic job as is it was an extraordinary difficult task to take over from someone with such a charisma and special view on architecture.
During this process he found his own office called “shiro studio” based on the philosophical publication “white” by Kenya Hara. He takes inspiration from very different fields, like medicine and botanic. He is able to work very precisely in very different scales and so he designed beside architecture many different products you can already buy.
We talk about this incredible challenge, about inspiration, about drinking habits after office hours and about a lot of other very interesting topics.

article published in QUER (german)

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